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When considering where to find a Pilates studio for you to workout in, location is extremely important. For example, if you live in Double Bay, Bondi Junction is very convenient as it’s right next door

Get the Benefits of Pilates

People commonly say that they feel amazing after a Pilates session. With tailored stretching and strengthening exercises prescribed specifically for you Pilates Double Bay can benefit many men and women of all ages. They say that “sitting” is the new “smoking” issue that we have to manage now and into the future. When sitting constantly for long periods of time not only our back muscles become short and tight, also our pelvic floor can become weak. Along with round shoulders and neck strain and mis-alignment of the vertebrae. This is why it is important to stretch and strengthen your body, particularly your back, abdominals, neck and shoulders at least three times per week. It is like brushing your teeth regularly, your body also needs regular maintenance to prevent injury and pain. You will feel good about yourself. Awareness is the first step to improving yourself. This tip will help prevent neck pain.

When sitting at your desk, ask yourself “are my shoulders relaxed?”
This will reduce your neck pain

Keeping your shoulders relaxed while sitting at your desk may seem like a daunting task to achieve as you are totally focused on the work you are doing and not thinking about your shoulders at all.
To achieve this addition to your posture it means changing a life time of habbits. It is possible. At Pilates for Wellbeing you learn to form new habbits which assist in improving your posture for the long term and thus reducing neck pain.
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