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It is all about forming the habit. Wellbeing Pilates Coogee is easily accessible on your way to and from Bondi Junction. Pilates for Wellbeing Studio is easily fitted into your schedule. With its central Bondi Junction location and our personal touch makes it all the worthwhile. Below is some information on habits that can assist your mindset regarding Pilates Coogee.
pilates coogee
For example:
A good habit with a positive effect on ourselves usually starts with a desire or goal in mind such as

“the desire for our body to function without pain or stiffness and look and feel our personal best”

  • cue – attend a regular fitness class e.g. Pilates
  • routine – 6.00 am x 3 per week
  • reward – Your body moves more freely with less pain and stiffness and improved to excellent physical shape and you feel proud of yourself!

A bad habit with a not so positive effect on our body can occur when we are tired and stressed, often from the desire to relax or get some rest

  • cue may be feeling tired.
  • routine to sit on the lounge and eat excessively.
  • reward the pleasure of the food (usually sweet or easy to access, no preparation needed), however detrimental to our body as we tend to overeat these addictive foods. This often adds to weight gain, along with pain and stiffness of our joints.

Change is possible if the desire is strong enough!

Our mind is possible to control and form new habits. It takes a desire to change, along with support (from a friend, relative or professional) then commitment, time and practice

Alternative option to bad habit

cue: tired
routine: drink water, go for a short walk, massage or salt bath, listen to soothing music, meditate
reward: feeling relaxed & rested

Again to achieve this goal you will need support and commitment from someone close to you or you may like to join a class. It is possible for anyone to achieve their personal best! Pilates Coogee classes located in Bondi Junction are close. Contact us for a no obligation consultation

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