Pilates Randwick

Pilates for Wellbeing studio is also very accessible from Randwick, Pilates is essential for your body maintenance to live a quality life. Buses run from Randwick to Bondi Junction frequently which can be convenient if you travel from Randwick regularly a Pilates session may coincide with a medical or shopping trip.


Did you know that regular practice of Pilates keeps your body in optimal condition and function. This consequently enables you to move more freely, prevent injuries and feel and look younger! A supervised Pilates routine is a safe way to move and improve your body.

  • This movement prevents injuries by improving your balance, through a stronger core.
  • Improves your reflexes as Pilates requires your brain to activate new muscles thus forming new brain patterns which bring increased body awareness.
  • With improved movement you feel better about yourself which contributes to your happiness which enables you to look and feel younger

At Pilates Randwick for Wellbeing we can help you do this with personalised attention to help you achieve your individual goals

No matter where you live whether it be Randwick or Double Bay Pilates for Wellbeing is conveniently located in Bondi Junction with available parking. To prevent ageing we need to work harder at it, not slow down as this will accelerate ageing, pain and discomfort. If you are living or working in the Eastern suburbs of Sydney in Randwick, Coogee or Double Bay, Pilates for Wellbeing is easily accessible to you. Contact us today and make an appointment.

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