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Sue LarkinWellbeing Pilates Bondi Junction is run by Sue Larkin. Sue is an experienced qualified Pilates instructor, personal trainer and currently studying Naturopathy at Endeavour College Sydney.
Her background has been in fitness for the last 12 years working as a personal trainer and then on to Pilates (which I think is the safest and most effective form of exercise to do as we get older). Previous to fitness, while living on the lovely mid-north coast, I taught musical instruments to primary school children while bringing up my own three children. Prior to this my earlier education was in health, nursing. I chose to move to Bondi Junction area over 10 years ago and have now made this area my home.
I like the holistic approach to health which includes physical strength and flexibility as well as your state of mind and nutrition. Keeping it personalized and catering to the individual we have a very friendly, yet focused studio where any body can come to learn how to look after themselves. While most of my clients are 45 years plus, there is also clients in their 30’s.
If you suffer from any kind of joint pain, hip, knee, shoulder or back pain, Pilates is an excellent routine to support and maintain your body’s wellbeing.
Like brushing your teeth regularly, Pilates stretching and strengthening regularly looks after your body to keep you feeling good.
I can assist you to start exercising from wherever you are at, whether that be no fitness at all or an accomplished athlete who needs a balance in their fitness regime. Personalised attention is the key to make sure you are exercising with the correct form and heading towards achieving your personal goals.
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Sue Larkin is a very caring Pilates instructor. She takes care to identify and address individual issues and has great success in crafting routines to solve problems such as back or shoulder pain.


My session with Sue Larkin was fantastic. I had a particular need/request for the session, Sue was positive and professional, it was the best Pilates experience I have ever had.